Toy Story Secrets

Stuff you probably didn't know about Toy Story
Buzz and Woody
  1. 1. In the 1st few minutes of Toy Story Mr. Potato Head (voiced by Don Rickles) looks off camera and says "what are you looking at Hockey Puck?" and then a little hockey puck toy appears. This is actually an inside joke. Hockey Puck is a nickname given to Don Rickles by his show biz buddies years ago!
  2. 2. The ball which Buzz bounces off of, when he "flies" and impresses the other toys, is the same one that was used in Luxo Jr. (a Pixar short), and has the same design as the circus floor in Red's Dream (another short).
  3. 3. When Woody is giving his speech a book entitled "Tin Toy" appears in the background. Tin Toy was the first computer generated movie. Another book seen during the meeting scene is called 'Adventures of Andre and Wally B', a 1.8 minute digitally animated short by Lucasfilm and the wizards at Industrial Light and Magic. John Lasseter's (the director of Toy Story) name appears on one of the books. The names of two of the books refer to previous Pixar films: Red's Dream (1987), and Knick Knack (1989).
  4. 4. Toolbox in Sid's room is made by Binford Tools - Tim Allen's "Tool Time" sponsor. This is a tie-in to the Home Improvement TV show which is produced by Buena Vista Television (Touchstone Pictures/Disney).
  5. 5. When Buzz tells the toys he can fly Woody says he can't and they fight back and forth. Finally Woody says "Okay Mr. Light Beer prove it!"
  6. 6. Towards the end, when Andy is riding in the car to his new house, there is a scene with his sister in the car, and the car radio is playing "Hakuna Matata" from Lion King as Woody and Buzz are trying to get into the moving van.
  7. 7. When Andy's mom is looking for toys for the yard sale, she finds a car under Andy's bed. When Jessie is singing her song later in the movie, the car appears under her owner's bed in the scene where Jessie gets pushed under the bed.
  8. 8. Towards the end of the movie, when Sid's dog is shaking Buzz in his mouth and lets go of him, Buzz ends up under a red car with the license plate "HTT1195" which represents the company "Hi Tech Tunes", which produced the film.
  9. 9. Syd Phillips is said to be inspired by a former Pixar employee of the same last name who was known to disassemble toys and use the parts to build bizarre creations. The top of Syd's backpack reads "Julie Macbarfle has cooties!", a reference to camera manager Julia MacDonald, who lobbied people to put her name in the film.
  10. 10. There are drawings of Pain and Panic, (Hades' henchmen) from the HERCULES movie, on Syd's backpack, when Syd drop's his backpack in his bedroom.
  11. 11. The moving company, "Eggman Movers", is named after art director Ralph Eggelston. The license plate of the truck ("MLY1K9", meaning "Molly, one canine") is a reference to Pixar's resident sheepdog.
  12. 12. Buzz's wings should have gotten caught on the cartrack loop when he demonstrates how he flies.
  13. 13. The baby monitor used by the solders was used incorrectly: they took the receiver section with them, leaving the transmitter behind.
  14. 14. The license plate on Andy's mother's car reads "A 111" on the front but "A 113" on the rear.
  15. 15. The arm that Buzz loses is different when at the tea party.
  16. 16. The bulbs in the string of Christmas lights disappear for a while.

  17. 17. The light fixture that Ducky and Legs remove and then replace is larger than the hole it travels through.
  18. 18. The match in Woody's holster disappears for a while.
  19. 19. When RC runs out of batteries and stops, Buzz drops the remote control that appears in Andy's room at the new house.
  20. 20. The lever that lowers the ramp on the moving truck changes from black to red.
  21. 21. The ramp is not sparking when Buzz and Woody fly past it.
  22. 22. After Buzz sees the Buzz Lightyear commercial in Sid's house, you can see a reflection of a bowling game off of Buzz.
  23. 23. During Sid's sisters tea party Woody goes to rescue Buzz. While in the hallway Woody hides behind a string of christmas lights. When Woody and Buzz walk out of the room the lights are no longer there. The next scene they are back on the floor.
  24. 24. The name of the realty company that's selling Andy's house is Virtual Realty.
  25. 25. The motto on the side of the Pizza Planet truck in Toy Story is "Delivery to your vicinity and beyond"

  26. Toy Story 2 Secrets

  27. 1. Some of the characters from "A Bug's Life" make appearances. In Andy's room is A Bug's Life calendar -- it hangs near the window. Hemlich from "A Bug's Life" is munching on the leaves in the background right before Buzz and everyone cross the street. Right after that, the toys pass a can, and it's actually the Bug Bar from A Bug's Life.
  28. 2. In the first scene with Buzz in the Toy Store, look over his shoulder and there are a bunch of toys from "A Bug's Life" on one of the displays. Dim is very easy to spot (the large beetle) (there are a lot of him hanging on hooks) as well as a few Flicks on the ground and Dot.
  29. 3. Geri, the caricatured old gentleman from the 1997 Acadamey Award winning Pixar short "Geri's Game" makes a cameo appearance as the Toy Cleaner. He even has chess pieces in one drawer of in his cleaner's kit.
  30. 4. There is a hidden Pixar Lamp in the beginning during the celestial scene, located in upper right hand corner, floating towards the the top center of the screen.
  31. 5. Jodi Benson, Ariel from "The Little Mermaid," voices Barbie in "Toy Story 2". Jodi is the Official Voice for Barbie, voicing her for CD-ROMs, commercials and other products. Disney would not allow Barbie to be used in the first movie, but I guess they changed their minds for the sequel due to the great popularity "Toy Story" gained!
    Tour Guide Barbie asks the Toy Story characters to "Please remain seated...etc" in english and spanish, just like the Matterhorn ride.
  32. 6. When Rex, Mr. Potato Head, Tour Guide Barbie, Slinky Dog, and Hamm are riding around Al's Toy Barn, Rex realizes that his strategy guide tells how to defeat Zurg. He then places the guide in front of everyone causing Tour Guide Barbie to lose control of the car. As Mr. Potato Head says, 'Hey, get this outta here, Geek-osaur" we see a close-up of the strategy guide's cover for about one second. On the back cover there is a barcode, and a price label that reads: $4.95 Canada $50.00.
  33. 7. The shirt Andy wears before leaving for camp sports the same logo as the ranch from the old Mickey Mouse Club serial "Spin and Marty."
  34. 8. In Toy Story 2 the toys are watching television and skip through several channels. If you watch closely, you can see several parts of old Pixar shorts, including: Red's Dream, Tin Toy, Knickknack, and Geri's Game, not to mention the Luxo Jr. Listerine Commercial.
  35. 9. As Al is leaving the Toy Barn with most of the main characters in his bag, Buzz is swooping down after him. In the shot of Al's back from Buzz's POV, the little yellow ball with the blue stripe and red star from Pixar's short, Luxo Jr., can be seen at the lower left corner of the sliding door.
  36. 10. Pixar's roots in LucasFilm are clearly evident, with a number of "Star Wars" references.
  37. 11. In Toy Story 2 when the toys are riding through Al's Toy Barn, there is a shot of the view through the side-view mirror. Notice Rex running behind the car looking very much like a famous Dino from Jurassic Park!
  38. 12. When Zurg and Buzz #2 meet, there's an obvious reference to Star Wars' Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. (I am your father). Many of the physical movements are even caricatured from the movie. The "I am your father" line is from The Empire Strikes Back
  39. 13. When Buzz #2 is looking at the elevator dial as Al heads up to the 23rd floor, the numbers 13 and 14 are switched - the dial reads: 11, 12, 14, 13, 15, 16, etc.
  40. 14. The tree with the tire swing during the "When She Loved Me" sequence looks a lot like the tree from Ant Island in "Bug's Life".
  41. 15. In the beginning of the movie "Toy Story 2" you can hear part of theme to 2001: A Space Odyssey as Buzz is jumping from one stone to another.
  42. 16. There is a sticker with " Butte" on it stuck on Buzz's rear when they are on the luggage mover in the airport.
  43. 17. When Al is going to the airport, the music you hear in the elevator is part of the A Bug's Life soundtrack!
  44. 18. Al's Toy Barn also appears (including the Buzz area seen in Toy Story 2) in the first Toy Story, during the Buzz Lightyear ad in Sid's house.
  45. 19. One of the board games Buzz runs by in the toy store is called "Pummel the Clown." 17. The date of the Life magazine with Woody's picture on the cover is John Lasseter's birthday.
  46. 20. An announcement is made for "Lasset Air," and the flight number is the number of an animation room at CalArts.
  47. 21. Molly can be seen in a woman's arms in the airport scene -- no, it's not Andy's mom!
  48. During the scene in which Buzz and the gang are walking into the airport in a doggie carrier, you can hear an announcement mentioning a passenger by the name of Lee Unkrich. He's the co-director of the movie.
  49. Andrew Stanton provides the voice of Zurg, he is one of the movie's writers!

Toy Story 2 Video Game (in the movie)
At the beginning of the movie (during the video game), Buzz hops across several disks while trying to get to "Zurg's Source of Power." As he hops, different tones are played. It is, in fact, Sprach Zarathustra (more commonly known as the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey).

The sound byte used for Zurg's power source was the Imperial Probe Droid from The Empire Strikes Back.
The sound byte used as Buzz reached for Zurg's battery is that of a light saber from Star Wars
When Buzz activates his shields he traps one of the disks used in the cat walk inside with him. He soon uses it as if he was in the Tron disk arena.
The robots on the planet where Buzz crash lands tend to look a LOT like Maximillion from The Black Hole, another Disney film despite its rather dark story line.
  1. Hidden Mickeys in Toy Story

  2. 1. In Sid's room there is a rock poster with a rocker named "Mega Dork" on the wall the rocker has a Mickey Mouse tattoo. This is a little hard to see, pay close attention when Sid looks out his window when it starts to rain!
    2. On the window pane which has raindrops on it, there are three raindrops which form a distinct Mickey.
    3. When Buzz Lightyear jumps off of the bed to try to fly "to infinity and beyond" there is a Mickey Mouse watch clock on the wall. When seen in slow-motion, it is clearly Mickey on the watch. (It is better viewed in slow-mo while Buzz is landing back on the bed.)
    The best view of the Mickey watch is when and the toys peek out of the closet after Buzz has been thrown on the bed and the kids have run out.
    4. In the scene where the moving men are picking up a box marked "Andy's Toys" and the background wall with the cloud pattern appears, you can see Mickey's head and an ear, it is only for a second and helps to see it by watching the scene in slow motion. It is right by the floor.
    5. There is a Disney Copyright logo on Buzz's rear!
    6. There is one on the bottom of Buzz's rocket ship. When he's repairing it and asking for the "bonding strip". There are three gold rings.
    7. One of Syd's creations has a Mickey Mouse hand. It's the rolling thing with a head on it that turns off the flashlight Woody is holding when he and Buzz first encounter Syd's toys. The hand is Mickey's hand.
    8. Al's Toy Barn also appears (including the Buzz area seen in Toy Story 2) in the first Toy Story, during the Buzz Lightyear ad in Sid's house.