Free 2012 Disney Calendar

We are bringing you another year's worth of Disney pictures in our one-of-a-kind calendar. The Word version can be edited to add your own family's birthdays. Both calendars include phases of the moon and US Holidays.
Free 2012 Disney Calendar in Word Format (.doc) [about 3.8 MB]
Free 2012 Disney Calendar in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) Format [ about 1.4 MB]
There is nothing malicious in this file (though you should be suspicious of anything you download on the internet). We provide this calendar every year in the hopes you will come back to our site when you're looking for Buzz Lightyear, Disney or Toy Story items.
Like Disney Villains? We have a Free Disney Villains calendar 2012 to download as well. It's very cool!
Also, on a sister site, we are offering a Calendar of Clocks, filled with very nice images of famous clocks (it really is quite nice, take a look)
Also, a Famous Art Calendar 2012.
We would appreciate if you would visit one of our sites (or find something you like here on, but even if you don't, the Calendar is yours to keep.
It is approximately 3.6 MB (it has very nice graphic images) so it will take a while to download.
Please feel free to pass on a link to our page to friends or freebie boards.
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