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Buzz Lightyear is a Space Ranger of Star Command. His mission is to protect the universe from the Evil Emperor Zurg.

His catchphrases are "I'm Buzz Lightyear, Space Ranger, Universe Protection Unit." and "To infinity, and beyond!". The Buzz Lightyear cartoon series has 20 or more episodes.

Buzz Lightyear is the son of Evil Emperor Zurg, though he does not know this until near the end of Toy Story 2: this is a parody of the Star Wars saga, where Luke Skywalker does not know that Darth Vader is really Anakin Skywalker, his father, until near the end of The Empire Strikes Back.

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Toy Story 3 is a computer-animated film, a sequel to Toy Story and Toy Story 2.  

Toy Story 3 Movie

Toy Story II was one of the few movies in movie history to be considered "just as good as the original".  Toy Story and Toy Story II are staples in every home with kids (where video players exist).  Both kids and adults have anxiously awaited the release of Toy Story 3, which came out June 18, 2010.
During the time Pixar created Toy Story II, they have created a treasure chest of top animation:  The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Cars, Ratatouille, WALL-E.  There was contention between Disney and Pixar, which made it seem that Disney would create Toy Story III without Pixar's involvement. Disney had settled on a story for the film, "After a major malfunction, Buzz Lightyear is recalled to a toy factory in Taiwan. Woody and the gang have to hightail it halfway around the world to save Buzz before he is dissembled forever."  The snag was, that neither artists, directors nor voice talent would sign up to do the movie because of their respect for Pixar's role in the original movies.
Production didn't materialize until February of 2006, after Disney's acquisition of Pixar, when Disney CEO Robert Iger announced that Pixar would develop Toy Story 3 based their own concept. In 2007, Toy Story 2 co-director Lee Unkrich said that Pixar had decided on a story for the film, but was keeping it closely under wraps.
In 2009 at Comic-Con, Pixar head John Lasseter revealed the film's newest cast member, Barbie's beau Ken. Lasseter showed a very funny "behind-the-scenes" interview with the vain, self-obsessed Ken doll (voiced perfectly by by Michael Keaton). In September 2009, at the Disney D23 convention, they finally revealed the  top-secret storyline for Toy Story 3:
Andy goes off to college, leaving the toys behind. "It is," said Lasseter, "For parents who've been through it, a very emotional time, but we had to look at it through the point-of-view of the toys themselves." Lasseter revealed some new voice talent, including Jeff Garland, Bonnie Hunt, Ned Beatty and Whoopi Goldberg while not giving away the identities of the new toys that the actors will play, except for the introducting of one new character: Mr. Pricklepants. The stuffed hedgehog, an overbearing actor, would be voiced by former 007 Timothy Dalton.
The movie begins with an adventure sequence of Woody, Jessie, Mr. and Mrs. Potato head and Ham in a western action shot.  The movie then proceeds to footage of Andy at various ages playing with his toys, being measured by this mother against the wall, interrupted by a cut to a photo of Andy, now 18, at his high-school graduation. Shots of the toys discussing Andy's departure for college are wrapped by Andy walking out the door, leaving Woody to climb up to the top-most shelf and sadly survey the empty, memory-filled room.
The toys are donated to a pre-school where the rampage of young children dismantle the Potato Heads and beat the toys in comically horrific ways. The toys stage an escape, except that Buzz is injured during the attempt.  After being rebooted by his friends, Buzz returns to life in "Spanish" mode, walking around like an over-proud matador and speaking only in spanish.
The movie was shown in movie theaters in 3D and standard format  across the country.  
The movie is entertaining for both adults and children, though some scenes near the end may be a little bit scary for very young children.  It is one of the best "3" movies every produced, and you will not be sorry to see it.  It lives up to the Toy Story legacy, and adds to collection in a very memorable way.